Autumn is a time for flocking and migrating…

… and so this blog is joining the flock over at the new Coyotes Network. My friend the environmental writer and blogger Chris Clarke has just launched this network (softly) of sympatico bloggers who write primarily about biodiversity – as if it matters. I am honored to be asked to join this new group platform, and hope it will bring new ideas and new readers to what has largely been a solo journey for me these past almost 6 years. Time for a fresh start, building upon the themes I have been exploring here.

Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds, and point them to the new home for Reconciliation Ecology. I’ve already migrated all the old posts to the new site, but will leave them up here as well, at least for now.

Do drop by my new digs and check out my fellow bloggers there as well. And if you are interested in joining the flock also – do let me know. See you there!

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About aranyak

I am an associate professor of vertebrate ecology at California State University, Fresno.
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