Hello again!

Welcome to the new home of my formerly fragmented blogself, bringing together my original Reconciliation Ecology blog, and the more recent – and more personal and eclectic – A leaf warbler’s gleanings. This move was prompted because posterous, where I enjoyed posting my gleanings (and auto-posting selected posts to Reconciliation Ecology from there) seems moribund now, ever since Twitter acquired the company.

A move to WordPress, beloved of all serious bloggers was probably inevitable given that a) I grew tired of the quirks of blogger (and don’t like the new incarnation either); b) wordpress offers a simple one-step import tool to bring content over from posterous; and c) the Blogfather encouraged me to move – how could I refuse? The import tool is particularly sweet (check out all the posts below, which were sucked right over in minutes!), and has allowed me to breathe a huge sigh of relief: I was worried about several years’ worth of blogposts disappearing should posterous completely shut shop. Now I can say, goodbye posterous. And hello wordpress.

So if you are a regular reader, please update your bookmark / RSS feed reader to point it hither. And if you are new to Reconciliation Ecology, then welcome, and do poke around among the older posts, for I hope you will find enough there to keep you coming back! :-)

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About aranyak

I am an associate professor of vertebrate ecology at California State University, Fresno.
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